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Antyki Gniezno



Antyki Gniezno was founded in 1995 in Gniezno. The firm is dedicated to the renovation and sale of antique furniture and pictures and encompasses two galleries, workshops and a total of more than 1000 m² of warehouse space.

Antyki Gniezno has been granted a concession by the Ministry for Culture and Art in Warsaw. It is also a member of the Association of Polish Antique Dealers and the union of antique dealers C I N O A. Antyki Gniezno has exhibited at the Warsaw Art Fair since 2002 and has received broad recognition among Polish and foreign clients. Their renovation of old furniture is of the highest quality.

Antyki Gniezno also furnishes and equips facilities. Among such projects were the spatial furnishing of the Palast Museum der Landwirtschaft in Szreniawa, and the planning and furnishing of many private apartments in Poland and abroad.

Antyki Gniezno offers a large selection of antique furniture, wall clocks and paintings. They will restore antique furniture belonging to individuals, government offices and private companies.They will appraise and make cost estimates for the best work product in the restoration. The company has a special lorry for transportation in and outside of Poland, operated by professional staff trained to handle antiques.



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